Mount GaribaldiLodge

About Our Lodge


The first official meeting of Mount Garibaldi Lodge was held January 10th 1940, with Rt.Wor.Bro.Belbeck at the helm in the East, with 3 petitions for initiation received, and a motion passed that all Lodge meetings be closed with "Peace, Harmony and Brotherly Love prevailing", which is still practiced to this vary day.  That's the first official meeting, because there was an almost 20 year history in the beginnings of our lodge. A complete history of our Lodge can be downloaded here.


Mount Garibaldi Lodge hosts a few annual events that are open to the public. Rabbi Burns Night and Mount Garibaldi Night. While Rabbi Burns Night remains very similar year to year with bagpipers and Haggis, Garibaldi Night changes from the brethren of the Lodge releasing the inner thespian with a Masonic play, to rockin' it out with guitars and karaoke!